About Us

We are full Travel Service provider with the knowledge and expertise to plan the prefect and remarkable trip for you.

About Us

We are full Travel Service supplier with the knowledge and expertise to arrange the prefect and memorable trip for you. You can choose any of our tours for your travel; we'll give you our best services and accommodations. we provide you tours in India and neighboring countries like Nepal , Srilanka , Bhutan. The tours are rigorously designed by our staff for tourists with their interest and selection of places. the foremost famous tours for Republic of India are Golden Triangle, Goa, Kerala and Rajasthan tours, in which we've our experience. We've our associates in all places to feel you safe and secure.

We also develop and to provide you with a new and individual route (which is not on our site) and help you to choose the most convenient way you like to travel at your choice of budgets.

If you want to travel India and you have any questions, we are here to help you to provide all the necessary information for your travel. So please do not hesitate..... email us with you questions and quires .. We are always happy to help you!

Our Story

One day, one jump and two years of passion

Our Luxury tourist trains / travel agency was started by chance when two recent ex colleague met in 2007 and they decided to launch a website called visit in India to inform the reader about the country.

As ex professionals they know about the tour and tourism and shared a passion for travel. In 2009, this led them to launch another website with the name of the luxury tourist trains. As one of the partners is already experienced the fabulous train journey of Royal Rajasthan on Wheels. The company that would eventually become Luxury tourist Trains. With a small investment, an unreliable dial-up Internet connection, and a small room in the city.

They put together an email newsletter offering Travel Tips and Information about their country. Soon thereafter, they began making reservations on behalf of their readers.

Seeing an opportunity, they launched a boutique agency offering customized India Tour Packages.

From such humble beginnings, today we have a staff of over 18 full-time professionals in India and Nepal. .

What We Do?

We provide information in several languages, maintain a high standard of quality in all services, and conduct all operations ethically in our relations with tourists and our business partners. We take great pride in clients� stories that continually highlight our dedicationin creating the best possible vacation experiences. For that we do/use

  • First Class Flights
  • 5 Star Accommodations
  • Inclusive Packages
  • Latest Model Vehicles
  • 10 Languages available
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • World Class Service
  • Handpicked Hotels
  • Accessibility management
  • +120 Premium city tours
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