The Buddhist Circuit Special Train

The Buddhist Circuit Special Train - The Mahaparinirvana Train, is an exclusive air conditioned train started by IRCTC for Buddhist circuit destinations......

At a Glance

Buddhism is a religion of traditions, beliefs and practices mostly supported teachings attributed to Lord Buddha. in keeping with Buddhist tradition, Buddha lived and educated within the eastern a part of the Indian subcontinent sometime between the sixth and fourth centuries BCE. He recognized by Buddhists as AN woke up or enlightened teacher who shared his insights to assist sentient beings finish their suffering through the elimination of content and desire by method of understanding and also the seeing of dependent origination, with the final word goal of attainment of magnanimousness state of nirvana.

Mahaparinrvana Express train will take you the some of the religious and Historic places in India. Which includes - Bodhgaya , Nalanda , RajGir , Sarnath , Varansi , Lumbani, Srvasti , Kushinagar, Agra.



Gaya derives its name from the mythological demon Gayasur (which virtually means that Gaya the holy demon). Lord Vishnu killed Gayasur, the holy demon by mistreatment the pressure of his foot over him. This incident remodeled Gayasur into the series of rocky hills that conjure the landscape of the Gaya town. Gaya was therefore holy that he had the facility to absolve the sins of these who touched him or checked out him; once his death many folks have flocked to Gaya to perform shraddha sacrifices on his body to absolve the sins of their ancestors. the foremost well-liked temple these days is Vishnupad Temple, an area on the Falgu watercourse, marked by a footprint of Vishnu incised into a block of volcanic rock that marks the act of Lord Vishnu subduing Gayasur by inserting his foot on Gayasurs chest. For Buddhists, Gaya is a very important journey place as a result of it had been at Brahmayoni hill that Buddha preached the hearth Sermon (Adittapariyaya Sutta) to at least one thousand former fire-worshipping ascetics, World Health Organization all became enlightened whereas taking note of this discourse. At that point, hill was known as Gayasisa.


According to Buddhist traditions, five hundred B.C. aristocrat mystic, wandering as a monk, reached the sylvan banks of Falgu watercourse, close to town of Gaya. There he Saturday in meditation underneath a bodhi tree. when 3 days and 3 nights of meditation, religious mystic earned enlightenment and insight, and also the answers that he had sought-after. He then spent seven weeks at seven completely different spots within the section meditating and considering his expertise. when seven weeks, he traveled to Sarnath, wherever he began teaching Buddhism.

Disciples of mystic began to go to the place wherever he had gained enlightenment throughout the complete moon within the month of Vaisakh (April-May), as per the lunisolar calendar. Over time, the place became referred to as Bodhgaya, the day of enlightenment as Buddha Purnima, and also the tree because the Bodhi Tree.

As the place of the Buddhas Enlightenment, Bodhgaya is that the religious home of Buddhists. settled in province, one hundred fifteen kms from Patna, the land is wealthy and fertile, dotted with inexperienced fields and moire by the watercourse Phalgu - a similar ancient Nairanjana watercourse wherever Siddhartha bathed when attaining enlightenment. a spread of low wooded hills silhouette the little hamlets flanking the shiny, sandy banks of the watercourse. Monks and nuns rub shoulders with tourists and believers from everywhere the planet. Associate in Nursing all-pervading calm envelops the city, giving guests a way of peace.


The wandering watercourse Banganga and 5 hills position picturesque Rajgir, ancient Rajgriha (literally, the abode of kings). throughout the period of Buddha this was the capital of the powerful Sanskrit kingdom, dominated by the virtuous king Bimbisara. Like several others in search of Truth, blue blood Buddha, when he renounced his royal heritage came to the current town to hunt the trail of salvation. Later, he weak the voters of Rajagriha along with his serenity and style and reborn King Bimbisara of Magadha and unnumerable others to his faith. The hills and caves close Rajagriha were home to non secular lecturers, starting from the materialism of the first Charavaka college to the philosophy of Upanishadic philosophers. In reality the primary Buddhist council when Buddha was hosted here at the Saptaparni caves. It absolutely was Rajgir that saw Gautam Buddha defrayal many months meditating, and preaching at Griddhkuta. He conjointly delivered a number of his illustrious sermons. The wealthy businessperson community here presently became the Buddhas followers and engineered several structures of typical Buddhist design.




Nalanda -the most famous university in ancient India derived its name from Na-alam-da, which means quenchless in Giving, one in all the names by that the Lord Buddha was familiar. Nalanda was one in all the worlds 1st residential universities, i.e., it had dormitories for college students. In its time period it accommodated over ten,000 students and a pair of,000 lecturers. The university was thought-about Associate in Nursing field of study masterpiece, and was marked by a lofty wall and one gate. the themes educated at Nalanda University lined each field of learning, and it attracted pupils and students from Korean Peninsula, Japan, China, Indonesia  etc.

The Buddha is mentioned as having many times stayed at Nalanda. once he visited Nalanda he would typically reside in Pavarikas mango grove, and whereas there he had discussions with Upali-Gahapati and Dighatapassi[, with Kevatta, and conjointly many conversations with Asibandhakaputta. Gautama Buddha visited Nalanda throughout his last tour through Magadha, and it absolutely was there that Sariputta verbalized his "lions roar - affirming his religion within the Buddha, shortly before his death.  Nalanda was the residence of Sonnadinna.  Mahavira is many times mentioned as staying at Nalanda, that was patently a centre of activity of the Jains.



Sarnath is found thirteen kilometres north-east of Varanasi, in state, India . It Sarnath (also Mrigadava, Migadaya, Rishipattana, Isipatana) is that the ruminant park wherever Gautama Buddha initial tutored the Dharma, and wherever the Buddhist Sangha came into existence through the enlightenment of Kondanna. Gautama Buddha started teaching to not dialogue except for the advantage of and out of compassion for citizenry.

There square measure remains chemical analysis as way back because the third century B.C. once Emperor Ashoka supported varied establishments, stupas, monasteries and pillar edicts. The runs at Sarnath and also the accumulation within the archeologic depository square measure representations/ samples of the wonderful past of Sarnath. archeologic remains square measure open from Sunrise to Sunset



Lumbini (meaning -the lovely) is a Buddhist pilgrim's journey site situated in Rupandehi District, Lumbini Zone of Kingdom of Nepal, close to the Indian border. It's the place wherever Mayadevi gave birth to the Siddharth later became a Buddha (Gautama Buddha), and supported the faith of Buddhism. The Buddha lived between roughly 563 BCE and 483 BCE. For Buddhists, this is often one amongst the four main pilgrim's journey sites based mostly round the lifetime of the Buddha, the other three being Kushinagar, Sarnath and Bodhgaya,

Lumbini is found twenty five kilometer east of the municipality of Kapilavastu, the place wherever mystic grew up and lived up to the age of twenty nine. Kapilvastu is that the name of place also because the neighbor district. Lumbini has numerous Buddhist temples together with the Mayadevi temple. there's additionally the Puskarini lake and remains of Kapilvastu palace in Lumbini. There are alternative sites close to Lumbini wherever, in keeping with Buddhist tradition, previous Buddhas were born and achieved impart knowledge and died.

About the Train

Salient Features of Buddhist circuit special Tour

1.     Exclusive Train for the Buddhist Circuit Tour: The Buddhist Circuit Special Train is an exclusive air-conditioned train for Buddhist circuit destinations and does not carry passenger other than the tourist booked with IRCTC for this special tour.

2.      All inclusive tour package - accommodation in comfortable hotels, all meals, entrance fee, ac road transportation, travel Insurance, experienced tour escort.

3.     Extensive Coverage of Buddhist sites/ monuments/museums and Visit to Taj Mahal - one of the seven wonders of the world. 

4.     Security on train Private Security Guards in each coach for the constant & close watch to ensure the safety of the passengers.

5.      On-board Hygienic Kitchen Car Facility The passengers can choose from an assortment of sumptuous hot meals (Veg / Non-Veg), snacks and cold drinks. Packaged drinking water, tea, and coffee are also available to the passengers in ample quantity.

6.      On-board Clean and Hygienic Lavatories and Showers convenience of the passengers, clean and hygienic lavatories and showers are provided.

7.      Accommodation in comfortable Hotels of the Buddhist Circuit Accommodation in comfortable hotels of the Buddhist Circuit.

8.     Insurance Cover All passengers are provided with Travel Insurance Cover for the duration of the tour.

9.      Medical Facility: In case of any exigency, medical support can be provided through an extensive network of Indian Railways medical facilities.

10.    Language Guide On sufficient advance information, tour guides of various languages would be provided for sizeable groups

11.    Other Assistance: Tourists are requested to obtain a proper Visa for visiting Lumbini (Nepal) before arriving in India. However, IRCTC provides assistance in obtaining Visa at the time of entry in Nepal as per extant rules.

Mahaparinirwana - A Special Train
Day 1 Delhi – Gaya (990 kms)
13:00 hrs.– Assemble at the Delhi Safdurjung railway station. traditional Welcome and check – in to your individual coaches.
14:30 hrs.– Departure of the train for Gaya. Evening Tea and Dinner served on-board. nightlong stay on-board.
Day 2 Gaya – Bodhgaya (16 kms)
Arrive at Gaya railway station in the morning. Wash and change, followed by the breakfast on train. 
Disembark and assemble for boarding the coaches for sightseeing of Bodhgaya as well as Mahabodhi Temple & Niranjana river. Afternoon arrival and lunch at hotel .After lunch relax for a few time.
Sightseeing tour of Thai Temple, Japanese Temple and Buddha sculpture
Evening: – come back to hotel, dinner and nightlong stay at hotel in Bodhgaya.
Day 3 Bodhgaya – Nalanda – Rajgir – Gaya – Varanasi 
05:00 hrs. – Early morning tea and breakfast followed by checkout from the Hotel. Departure for Rajgir by bus (85 Kms).
10:30 hrs. – Arrival at Rajgir. sightseeing at Rajgir of Bimbimsara Jail, Gridhakut hill, Venuvan.
12:30 hrs. – Proceed to a restaurant in Rajgir for lunch. after lunch, proceed to Nalanda for sightseeing covering ruins of world famous Nalanda University and Nalanda museum.
16:00 hrs. – Depart back to Gaya railway station.
20:00 hrs. – Arrival at railway station of Gaya and board the train. Dinner on-board. Departure from Gaya at 2330 hrs to Varanasi (220 kms) by train. overnight keep on-board.
Day 4 Varanasi – Sarnath – Gorakhpur
Early morning tea on-board and arrival at Varanasi. Proceed to the hotel for wash and change (room given just for wash and change) and breakfast.
After breakfast, visit Sarnath (10 kms) for to see Dhamekh Stupa, Sarnath museum, The Ashokan Pillar, Mulgandha Kuti Vihar. 
Afternoon – Lunch at the hotel. Followed by some free time. Tourists will either prefer shopping or different activities.
Evening – Visit to the river Ganges staircase, Evening Arti. come back to the Train.
20:00 hrs. – Arrival at the Varanasi railway station and board the train Dinner on board. Departure for Gorakhpur (224kms) at 23:00 hrs. overnight keep on-board.
Day 5  Gorakhpur – Kushinagar
Early morning tea on board. reach Gorakhpur railway station. Proceed by coach to hotel at Gorakhpur/Kushinagar.
Arrive at the hotel in Kushinagar and arrival. Breakfast at the hotel. after breakfast, visit Mahaparinirvan Temple, Rambhar Stupa, Mata Kutir Temple etc.
Afternoon – Lunch at the hotel. Evening participate during a chanting and meditation session. (Subject to accessibility of appropriate teachers/instructors).
Dinner and nightlong stay at hotel.
Day 6 Kushinagar – Lumbini – Gorakhpur

05:00 hrs. : Early morning tea and breakfast at the edifice.
06:00 hrs. – Check-out of the hotel and proceed to Lumbini. (Nepal) by bus. Tourists should acquire the Nepal visa from their individual countries. Otherwise, lot of your time needed at the border to process the visa. 
Arrive Lumbini and proceed to a hotel / restaurant for Lunch. Visit Lumbini together with Maya Hindu deity Temple, Ashokan Pillar and Pushkarni lake.
16:00 hrs – Departure for Gorakhpur. Arrive Gorakhpur railway station. Board at around 20:30 hrs and board the Train.
Dinner on-board, Depart by train to Gonda at 23:30 hrs. nightlong stay on-board.
Day 7 Gonda – Sravasti – Gonda – Delhi 
Early morning tea on-board and arrival at Gonda railway station. Departure for Sravasti (65kms) by bus. Arrival at the edifice, wash & change (room given just for wash & change) and breakfast.
After breakfast, visit Jetvana Vihara, Pakki Kuti & Sehat Mahet, Thai Temple. 
Afternoon – Lunch at the hotel and proceed to back to Gonda railway station to board the train.
17:00 hrs – Arrival at the Gonda railway station to board the Train. Depart by train to agra (450 kms) at 18:00 hrs. Evening Tea and dinner served on-board. nightlong stay on-board.
Day 8 Agra – Delhi 
Early morning tea, wash and fresh up and had breakfast on-board. 
After breakfast, proceed for the sight-seeing of the globe renowned Taj Mahal. 
12:30 hrs. – Proceed to the metropolis railway station. Departure by train for brand spanking new Delhi (220 kms) at 14:15 hrs. aboard lunch and evening tea.
Arrival at the Delhi Safdarjung depot at roughly 18:30 hrs.
Please note :   Day-5 & Day-6 program may be interchanged as per the operational feasibility. In such case, Day-5 night stay would be in Lumbini & Kushinagar visit would be on Day-6. This would be communicated to the passengers before the commencement of the trip. 
Note: All timings & details shown are for your guidance only. Actual journey time depends on the road conditions, operational factors etc.

Departure Dates

TOUR DATES (Commencement from Delhi)




October  -2018

13, 27

November- 2018

10, 24

December - 2018

08, 22

January – 2019

05, 19

February – 2019

02, 16

March – 2019

02, 23

Tariff  for the Season 2018 - 2019


Tariff    Oct 2018 to Mar 2019

Class of Travel

Full Tour

AC- First Class

US$ 1155 per person 

AC First Coupe

US$ 1155 per person 

AC – 2 Tier

US$ 945 per person 


( The Above mentioned rates are subject to change without notice ) 

AC First class Coupe – has cabins with 2/4 berths (one lower & one upper). The cabins can be locked from inside as it has a sliding door. ( 18 pax per coach ) 

The AC First class – has cabins with 4 berths (two lower & two uppers). The cabins can be locked from inside as it has a sliding door. ( 18 pax per coach )  

AC Two Tier -has open cabins with 4 seats on one side of the pathway. Four seat cabin has two lower & two upper berths. The cabin does not have the door and instead has a curtain. ( 46 pax per coach) 

There is a limited storage place inside the train. The luggage can be placed under the seats/berths while on the train. Hence, passengers are advised to travel with minimum luggage.


Surcharge :

  • USD 150 Per Pax for confirmed 2 berth cabin in AC 1st Class for Full/Partial Tour.
  • USD 200 Per Pax for single occupancy in a hotel for entire tour or USD 50 per night.
  • USD 580 Per Pax (full/partial) would be applicable for confirmed allocation of one lower berth only in a 2 seater first class cabin. Upper berth would not be allocated to other passengers.
  • USD 580 Per Pax (full/partial) would be applicable for confirmed allocation of two lower berths only in a 4 seater first class cabin. Two upper berths would not be allocated to other passengers.
  • Rates subject to change in case of any change or amendment in the routing, itineraries, inclusions etc.
  • Package rates are inclusive of GST.


1. Tour costs mentioned above are based on per person per night on twin sharing. Half fare for children between 5 and 12 years  of age with a bed in the same room(Age proof of children is to be furnished, which is required at the time of issuance of tickets)

2. The above rates are subject to change on the basis of currency fluctuation.

Hotel Single Occupancy :

The passenger who would like to have Single occupancy i.e. do not wish to share the room with anyone else should choose the option at the time of booking by paying an additional amount of US$ 50 per night or US$ 200 for the full tour.

Package Price Includes:-

Journey by Exclusive Air-conditioned Train as per the Itinerary.

Road transport by AC coaches as per the itinerary.

Sightseeing as per the itinerary.

Accommodation as per the itinerary.

Meals as per the itinerary.

English / Hindi speaking Tour Escort.

Entrance fees of monuments/sightseeing trips as per the itinerary.

Travel Insurance.

Package price does not Include:-

India and Nepal visa fees

Items of personal nature, e.g. Laundry, Medicine, Alcoholic drinks etc.

Road Transfers to and from Delhi-Safdarjung Railway Station.

Hotel stays in Delhi before & after the trip, air ticket, visa charges etc.

Any other services not mentioned in ‘Package Price Includes.

Cancellation terms:-

No. of days before commencement of Trip*

Total Deductions

45 Days and above(excluding departure date)

10% of the Package cost.

Within a period of 44 to 15 Days (excluding departure date)

25% of the package cost

Within a period of 14 to 7 Days (excluding of Departure Date)

50% of the package cost

Within the period of 7 Days or before the scheduled date of departure

100% of the package cost


Important Notes:-

1. The accommodation booked under this ticket is not transferable.

2. The voucher is to be carried by the passenger during the journey along with the above photo identity card in original and is valid only when presented with this photo identity card. If the relevant photo identity card is not accompanied with this voucher, it will be considered as ticket-less travel and treated accordingly.

3. The exact train timings are subject to minor modifications. All the traveling passengers must reconfirm the timings with IRCTC, corporate office before the start of their journey.

4. This voucher is to be carried by the passenger during the journey along with the above photo identity card in original and is valid only when presented with this photo identity card. If the relevant photo identity card is not accompanied with this voucher, it will be considered as ticket-less travel and treated accordingly.

5. On demand from ticket checking staff, the passenger should produce this voucher along with the above-mentioned photo identity card.

6. Visa Clauses:-

        a. It may be noted that due to a recent change in visa rules, travelers having multiple entry Indian visa on their passport may not be allowed to re-enter India (within Two months) after their Lumbini visit (as per this program). Travelers having double entry Indian visa will only be allowed to re-enter India after their Lumbini visit.

        b. Travelers are requested to recheck with Indian visa issuing authorities in their respective countries to have the appropriate visa enabling them to travel to Lumbini and return to India. Travelers must present their travel itinerary to the visa issuing authorities at the time of visa application.

        c. All Foreign Tourists other than Indian Passport Holders must obtain a valid Indian visa allowing them to visit Nepal (as per the tour itinerary) during the tour and come back to India to complete the tour. All foreign tourists must recheck with visa section at the Indian Embassy / Indian Consulate / Visa Processing authority in their respective countries for the appropriate visa (Double Entry or Multiple Entry) as per their travel program.

        d. All Foreign Tourists other than Indian Passport Holders must have valid Nepal visa. In case foreign tourists are unable to process their Nepal visa before joining the tour, IRCTC will facilitate visa processing at the entry post. Such passengers should carry 2 passport size photographs with them. The visa fees if any will be paid by the passengers directly.

        e. Indian Nationals must carry a government-issued photo identity card (passport, driving license, PAN card etc.) for Nepal visit.

7 IRCTC reserves the right to refuse booking or travel of any passenger without assigning any reason.

8. No refund or adjustment will be made in the event of interruption / non-use of full or any part of the tour or tour service by a  tourist on his own after the commencement of the tour or closure of a sightseeing place or monument due any unknown reasons or closure on account of the decision /order of the local municipal administration /any other government authority / unforeseen events, circumstances, situations etc.

9. In case any sightseeing being missed on account of the delay in local transportation buses/train due to the reasons beyond our control, no refund shall be made.

10. Being a group tour, passengers would be required to share the bus/buses and train accommodation with other passengers. In case any passenger/passengers wish to travel in separate bus/buses, he/she should inform IRCTC at least one month in advance. IRCTC would try to make appropriate arrangement for which passenger/passengers would be required to make an additional payment. For the smooth operation of the tour, passengers would need to adhere to the instructions given by the Tour Manager from time to time.

11. As per the tour program, this tour involves few long road journeys also. Due to inadequate infrastructure (toilets etc.) en-route, passengers may get little uncomfortable. However, efforts will be made to give breaks at the appropriate places and as & when required by the tourists.

12. Train / Road journey time may exceed the expected travel time due to unforeseen circumstances such as traffic jams, break
down of buses etc. This may result in late meal service, shortened / late/or no sightseeing etc.

13. Meals in hotels and on the train are of pre-fixed menus and are generally decided to keep the palate of the overall tourists.
Menus according to the specific preferences would not be possible.

14. As per the tour itinerary, hotel rooms at certain places are only provided for wash & change purpose. Passengers should not expect rooms to give to them for a longer duration. Check–in at hotel rooms at certain places may be delayed to the due delay from the hotel in providing the rooms.

15. Passengers are required to take care of their luggage/belongings themselves. IRCTC will not be responsible for any loss or damage of any of the luggage/belongings at the Railway Stations / Train / Bus / Hotels etc.

16. It is the responsibility of the tourist to carefully read and fully understand all the terms and conditions/services to be offered / type of services to be offered etc. of this tour before making the booking. In case of any doubts/clarifications, the same should be cleared with IRCTC before making the booking.

17. The journeys are well planned in advance. We reserve the right to make changes to the programme if necessary at any point of time. Should the minimum number of passengers not be met or due to certain operational reasons & conditions, we reserve the right to cancel the departure or amend the same. Most of the changes made by us would be minor, but on certain occasions, there could be a possibility of making a significant change. A change is defined as significant if it involves the change of date or destination. In such an eventuality, we would inform the passengers on the contact details given by them in their booking forms. In such cases, we would inform you as soon as possible and provide you following solutions :

(a) Accepting the changed arrangements or transferring your tour to another available tour date.

(b) Canceling or accepting the cancellation where you will receive a refund of payment without interest remitted to us. However, there will be no refund of any service such as pre /post tour accommodation, airline tickets, visa charges etc.that have been booked by you and /or your travel agent.


$ 945per person
Duration : 8 Days / 7 Nights

Route :Delhi - Gaya - Bodhgaya - Nalanda - Rajgir - Gaya - Varanasi- Sarnath - Gorakhpur - Kushinagar - Lumbini - Gorakhpur - Gonda - Sravasti - Gonda - Agra - Delhi

Season : September to March

The Buddhist Circuit Special Train - The Mahaparinirvana Train, is an exclusive air conditioned train started by IRCTC for Buddhist circuit destinations...

*Free for childs under 5 years old

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