An Unforgettable trip to Tibet

Tibet is known for its written and spoken language, exclusive culture, religion and political system for eras. It......

Date: 2018-04-15

Tibet is known for its written and spoken language, exclusive culture, religion and political system for eras. It is also known as the land of the lamas and is marked as the uppermost area on the earth. It is the home-grown to numerous other traditional groups like Qiang, Monpas, Lhobas, Hui and Han people.

It has also been marked as one of the best destinations for holidays. Once you are in Tibet you will feel as if you have entered a new and different world. The typical Tibetan principles, though diluted just by government-sponsored immigrations of Han and Hui Chinese, remains durable and essential to the county.

China and India are the core areas of the ancient civilizations between which Tibet lies. It is also famous by its nickname known as “the roof of the world” or “the land of snows”. Widespread mountain series to the east of the Tibetan Plateau marks the border with China, and the immense Himalayas of Nepal and India form a fence amongst Tibet and India.

There are certain Historic cities, tourist centers and museums that can be visited during the visit and you can collect many Tibetan handiworks and souvenirs. Buddhist culture &Local festivities will mesmerize guests.

People mainly speaks Tibetan, the language of Tibet; which comes in many varying dialects, but many Tibetans speak or understand some Mandarin except the nomadic tribes in the Far East Tibet. Burmese and Dzongkha (Language of Bhutan) are the languages which are closely related to the Chinese language. In the cities people speak Chinese fluently; in the villages, it may not be understood at all. Han Chinese people, on the other hand, normally don't know any Tibetan at all.

Tibet has the lushness and the complexity of its societies that is profoundly entrenched in its national legacy. The information about lifespan, understanding kindness, acceptance and peace of mind, all underwrite in creating the culture of Tibet.

The easiness of life, the religiousness of minds and ironicduties and civilizations give a durable hold to this high-altitude areas.

Tibetan culture is famous for its performing arts. It is true that every Tibetan can sing and dance beautifully. They can unimaginably impervious the music, dance or drama into the western influence.

Art is also one of the most observable from of religion in Tibet. The craft work and paintings are intensely religious in nature. 

Once you are in Tibet, how can you forget food. It is also famous for its healthy food and helps the Tibetan people to live long in that harsh climates as their food keeps them warm and full of energy. There famous food is Tsampa and Meat. Tsampa is the staple food of Tibetan people and it is made with roasted barley flour and yak butter. Also, we know people living in higher attitudes consumes more meat as compared to people living in lower region as it helps in keeping the body temperature warmer.


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