Rajasthan the City of Colours

Rajasthan is a state located in northern part of India. Well everyone knows that Rajasthan is known as the ``Land......

Date: 2019-03-12

Rajasthan is a state located in northern part of India. Well everyone knows that Rajasthan is known as the “Land of Kings” so you might be wondering what makes Rajasthan the city of colour? So Rajasthan is a place where colour are celebrated like no other place. Where royal forts of Rajasthan shows the rich history of Rajput and Mughals at the same local markets or villages of Rajasthan shows the colourful site of Rajasthan.

These top tourist destinations are the cities of four colour: - pink, blue, white, and gold behind each colour there’s a story. Let start with the smallest town that is

The Golden City : Jaisalmer

It is named the gold city ( or the yellow city) because of its honeycombed sandstone architecture which makes you feel like you are exploring a giant sandcastle. This city look so amazing at the time of sun rise the rays shine down onto its yellow buildings, as the sun sets, progress into a magical gorgeous gold.

This city is the smallest of all coloured cities of Rajasthan but the vibe and treasurer is so amazing the small city is made up of narrow lanes with restaurant, hotels, houses and temples.

The Which City : Udaipur

The white city is said to be “the most romantic” spot on  the continent of India because of its creamy palaces which float on a shimmering lake. At night, the pretty city lights reflects onto the water bouncing off the ice white majestic buildings add the fairy tale kind of elegance in the  beauty  of the city.

The Blue City : Jodhpur

People of Jodhpur believe in keeping their houses blue because they think that blue colour will keep them cool when the temperature is soar. So the paint is splattered across the while city from wall of houses to roof of shops almost everything on the street you see is blue.

The view of the this beautiful city is awesome and postcard perfect. To experience this beautiful blue view must visit to Mehrangarh fort for incredible view of blue washed city.

The Pink City : Jaipur

Jaipur is the largest city in the state of colour and gives you a true treasure of royal Rajasthan. Pink city is the remarkable complex of gardens and buildings and the city owes its name to it as the rose – tinted walls glisten as the sun rises and sets across the city. The impressive honey gold fort is made of yellow and pink sandstone and white marble and has beautiful temple, columns and courtyard.

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