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Kerala`s nature provide some of the amazing hill stations, beaches, waterfalls and wildlife which is also good for......

Date: 2019-01-29

Kerala “ the land of god” also beaches or seas scenarios, exotic waterfalls, amazing hill stations, rivers or you can say holy rivers are the pride of Kerala. Kerala is also known for its amazing natural and ayurvedic treatment. Must be thinking why? Kerala is one of the leading Ayurveda destinations in India. Ayurveda is the oldest healthcare system in the world it is a mix of philosophy and medicine. The doctors and vaids of Kerala are lengendary practitioners who have researched and proved that there is an ayurvedic cure for every possible disease. So, Kerala continues to provide Ayurveda treatment to the need of people across the world. Kerala is also as the Home of Ayurveda. Long before the world woke up of Ayurveda it was a way of life. Kerala can be easily called the only place on earth which has unbroken traditional of Ayurveda. The unique ashtavaidya tradition is said to have evolved as a result of the centuries old interaction between text based ayurveda practice and regional folk medical practice utilising Kerala’s rich medicinal flora. What’s more potent than that found elsewhere in the world the rich alkoloid content in the soil adding to the potency. With herbs available across every season, Kerala ensures the continuity and consistency that Ayurveda demands for making treatments effectively.  Now, we have enough talked about the Ayurveda but we all know that the all components which is required for the treatment can be only obtained from nature.

So Kerala’s nature provide some of the amazing hill stations, beaches, waterfalls and wildlife which is also good for the peace of mind and soul, visiting beaches and exploring wildlife makes the person mind relax.

Some of the famous Hill Stations in Kerala are: -

Amrithamedu: - It is located Kuttikuanam region in Idukki which is also known as Kurisumala.

Chembra Peak: - It is the highest peak in Wayanad which is situated 2100 m above sea level.

Mattupetty:- The most picturesque hill station in Munnar.

Vagamon: - Beautiful picnic spot and it also famous for trekking, you can enjoy activities like paragliding, rock climbing at Vagamon which is situated near permedu in Idukki.

And here are some of the spectacular Beaches of Kerala that will take your breath away are: -

Cherai Beach: - Is like a paradise  for swimmers you can also interact with dolphins as well. Cherai beach is located at Kochi.

Kaneatheertha Beach: - A picture perfect beach situated near Manjeswaram.

Poovar Beach: - It is an awesome beach famous for its golden sand and swaying coconuts and it is located near Kovalam Beach.

If we talk about tourist destinations and hill stations than it is incomplete without attraction so Kerala’s waterfalls are one of there attractions. Some of the must famous and most visited waterfalls of Kerala are: -

Adyanpara Waterfall

Arippara Waterfalls

Athirapalli Waterfalls

Lakkam Waterfalls

If you are planning for a pleasure vacation. So, book your vacation to Kerala with us to explore the Nature and Ayurveda of Kerala.

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