Varanasi - Banaras , a spiritual place

Varanasi is marked as the spiritual capital of India and it is situated in the Northern part of India. The city......

Date: 2018-06-12

Varanasi is marked as the spiritual capital of India and it is situated in the Northern part of India. The city draws Hindu pilgrims who cleanse in the Ganges River’s holy water and perform funeral rites. More tha 200 temples are there along the city’s winding streets such as Kashi Vishwanath, the “Golden Temple” which is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.  

Here people can take boat cruises and have a ride through the many ghats (steps leading down to the river) on the waterfront. Some of the famous ghats are like Dashahwamedh Ghat, Manikarnika Ghat, Man Mandir Ghat and many more. Everyone should see it who is travelling to the Varanasi.

You can make a tour for varanasi

Performed by Brahmin priests, this popular ceremony involves candles, incense and ringing bells. Watching it from a boat is a really wonderful experience, as all the boats gather together, gently bumping off each other as children jump from boat to boat and everyone is quietly waiting in the dark

It is marked as one of the 72 districts in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and at the time of 2011 census, there were total 8 blocks and 1329 villages in the district. People mainly speak Banarasi, Bhojpuri & Awadhi. 

November to March is the best time to visit Varanasi as it is cold when the temperature is as low as 5 degree and it is the most comfortable time to visit Varanasi April to September is considered as insanely hot season and temperature easily touched to 40’s (Celsius). 

Gowdowlia Chock is marked as one of the busiest and most popular market places of Varanasi. As we know that Varanasi is the holy place, so we can’t expect of getting Chinese or non-veg food.  Bhang lassi is the famous here and is made up of yoghurt, cannabis and spices. It tastes like a very simple smoothie and strengths vary greatly. It is not just a way to get a legal high but are an important part of Hindu culture. During some festivals, many Hindus drink bhang lassis. 

Muslin and silk fabrics, perfumes, ivory works, and sculpture are some of the things for which Varanasi is famous for. Number of factories and workshops are set up where silk is spun, and beautiful scarves, bedspreads and rugs are made.

One of the best feeling in Varanasi is simply walk around, take it all in, and chat with the locals. You will get to explore more like this. 


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